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The Asva Silver Pendant (Oxidised)

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Dress up in a bespoke design pendant in two layers with antique motifs etched on it.The pendant is hung on a necklace of tiny handwoven red synthetic beads. The pendant is detachable and can be worn on a silver chain too. It is also available in gold-finish on request.

Handcrafted in sterling silver (92.5%) using the centuries old `nakkasi' or gilt & repousse technique of  south Indian temple jewellery this is a rare piece indeed.

(Note:The pendant can be bought alone or along with the earrings, prices for both are different and all options given.) 

Product Details

Measurements: Height of Pendant: 2.1 inches ; Width of Pendant  : 2.1 inches

 Height of Earrings : 1.2 inch; Width of Earrings : 0.8 inch. 

Gemstones used:  kempu stone (also known as spinel or Zircon).

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Product Code: PP0007

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