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The Silver Sunflower Necklace Set- Blue

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The pretty sunflower is replicated in this magnificient silver choker/stiff necklace. Natural Lapis Lazuli cabochon is used as the centerpiece of the pendant and is surrounded by enamel filled silver petals. This pendant is suspended on a thick and stiff silver wire called a choker, decorated with silver beads. The earrings are made to match the pendant.

A perfect piece for those who want to wear their pendants high up, this stiff necklace sits beautifully on yours shoulders. Choose between blue and green colours.

Product Details : 

Measurements:Length of Necklace: 17 inches (extra links provided to adjust the length);Height of earring: 1.3 inches

Gemstones used: Lapis Lazuli (Blue Variant).

Place of Origin: Karwar Ornaments, Karwar (Karnataka)

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Product Code : knns177

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