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The Silver Spring Necklace Set

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Usher in the spring with this necklace that resembles a flower in full bloom. The highlight here is the pendant, which is built around a cabochon powdered Coral (red), green or black Onyx. Glittering Swiss Marcasites and enamel dots decorate the pendant while the necklace string consists of handwoven beads.

A truly remarkable piece of handmade jewellery. Please note that while the Coral (red) version has an oval pendant, the green Onyx and black Onyx necklaces have round pendants with ear-studs to match.

Product Details : 

Measurements: Length of necklace:17 inches ; Height of ear-studs: 0.6 inch

Gemstones used:Swiss Marcasite, Black Onyx (Black), Powdered Coral (Red), Green Onyx (Green)

Place of Origin: Karwar Ornaments, Karwar (Karnataka),India.

Made of: Sterling Silver (92.5%)

Product Code : knns174  

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